We are accustomed with the word “RANK” from the very first day we enter into competition, be it in the school exams, a sprint in college sports, or to get a good job. Now to get a rank in the top you need to work hard in the particular subject, know the nuts-bolts of the matter, and follow the proper way to accomplish the job in a better way.To be No. 1 ranked you need to be the best among all. Google as a search engine have a ranking for web sites, which all web masters around the globe knows. And as “Google” has the highest popularity for searching in the web, Google follows some well defined ways to rank a page. And to get the No. 1 spot in the listing a web site should follow all the perspectives which Google stresses for its ranking. There are many processes to increase the page rank like SEO, SEM, SMO etc.

Content of Page

The reason for which Google is the best search engine is because, it focuses on the content of the page, which is the most important part for describing a product/services. The quality of the content should be clear enough for all to understand. For good quality contents there are some techniques to follow.

  • I. Searching keyword density should be between 3 to 7 per cent. It would be best to keep 3.77% which is Google criteria.
  • II. The content should be distinguished from other related pages. The content should not be copied, with proper use of keywords.
  • III. The content length should be between 100 to 1500 words. Formidable word limit should be between 300-700 words.

Building Back Links

Back links are incoming links, that is how many others is following you and they are how much relevant. If the incoming links comes with better Page Rank than yours then surely the Page Rank is going to increase. There is various procedure of building back links like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, link exchange, blog comment, forum posting etc. There are various websites for doing these tasks. It simply increases the popularity of the web site. All these tasks are done providing your page link in some other web sites. This is best implemented if done in relevant web sites. Like if you have a health site and you are commenting on a health blog then it works fine.

Article Writing

As stated earlier Google search technique is mainly content based. Thus articles with good content comes under the Google scanner, it helps to increase the page rank. So while writing articles key should be the quality of the writing with proper usage of keywords, providing the link of your page and use of words that is simple, understandable and clear.

Webpage Updating

The webpage should be updated in regular intervals. The content of the pages should be changed with upcoming ideas and views. The link building task should be continued, with increased number of back links. Google crawls a web site depending upon the popularity, and while crawling it looks upon the changes made, and depending on that the page rank increases.